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BotNinja Review – Overview

Product Name : BotNinja  
Product Creator: Shadab Mahbub
Price: $37 for the Main Product, 2 upsells for additional. 
Webiste:  aibotninja.io 
The Verdict : 100% RECOMMENDED and even BETTER with my bonus.

What is AI BotNinja ?

Messenger is the biggest social media network in the world, with over 1.3billon people interacting with businesses every month. 

It is a channel proven to have higher CTR’s and open rates then email. 

It now gets better because there is a way to build or grow your business over Messenger at $0. 

AI BotNinja is an incredible platform for developing Messenger bots with a built in A.I feature to train your bots.

It will help you get traffic from Facebook. One of AI BotNinja Feature is create the viral contest app, you can create contests over Facebook Messenger and allow those interacting with your business to invite their friends and family to claim their ethical bribe.

AI BotNinja Review – What Does it do?

I can so you some Main Features of Bot NinjaImagine not having to worry about

Flow Editor

With rich media Flow Editor lets you easily program your Messenger bot with images, videos and attachments against the questions you get asked the most from your customers. 

AI BotNinja Review – Train your A.I

Training your chatbot to understand complex queries is not a hassle on the AI BotNinja platform because we take of most of the heavy lifting. You only have to add the right tags to the right flows to train your bot and preview of the A.I learning live and in real time. 

BotNinja Review – Simple Analytics

Get the metrics that matter for your business from the dashboard. Iterate from our simple reporting feature to improve the conversation rate. 

Collect Leads

You don’t have to bother with forms anymore because you can collect all the relevant information from your leads with our User Input feature built right into our flow editors. Unlike our competitors, there is no fee and you can store unlimited custom fields per lead. 

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